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Concert Light Pack  This pack was designed for a company that provides lighting equipment for concert tours.  The pack features sliding shelves which can be reconfigured for different sized lights.  Each light weighs over 40 lbs. so the trays were made with HDPE and XLPE foam, and reinforced with steel channels on the front and back edges.

Headlight Pack  For this pack, I had to create a design that was universal for right-hand and left-hand parts.  The outer lens of the headlight could not be touched by the pack.  The design consists of a plastic corrugated divider set, 6# XLPE foam rails that cradle the parts, and an HDPE pad that prevents the sharp tip of the headlight from wearing through the bottom of the pack.

Roof Ditch Moldings Pack  This pack was designed to carry roof ditch moldings from the supplier to the assembly plant.  The pack can be configured to hold hatchback or sedan parts as well as right-hand or left-hand parts.  The pack features XLPE foam rails attached to PVC channels that can be removed and placed in a storage compartment as the customer's parts are unloaded.

Chrome Grille Trim Pack  This was a top load bulk bin design done for a supplier that makes plastic automotive trim pieces.  Parts were nested together on half trays to get a higher pack density.  The trays are constructed of XLPE foam rails glued and zip-tied to Con-Pearl layer pads.

Radiator Pack  This project was challenging because it required a common design for two types of radiators.  The pack features 2 layer pad assemblies and a top steel lock down bar.  The layer pad assemblies consist of  a PC layer pads and XLPE foam rails.  The assemblies were spray coated with orange polyurea to protect them from the sharp edges of the radiators.

Minivan Seat Kit Pack  For this project, the customer needed a kit pack that would hold a variety of seat parts.  The parts would be loaded into the pack and then used along the assembly line during seat put together.  These packs were not used for shipping or stacked when loaded so it was acceptable for some of the parts to be above the fill line of the tote.

Sunroof Sunshade Pack  This front-load bulk bin project was designed to hold sunroof sunshades vertically.  The parts were separated by XLPE foam rails that were tabbed through plastic corrugated pads.  The pack featured a custom garage door style front wall, that when lifted up, fell back and rested on top of the inserts.

Sub-woofer Pack  For this project, the customer wanted to pack their parts in plastic corrugated custom totes.  Because of the speaker's weight and relatively large size, each tote only held one part.  The design featured strategically placed XLPE foam blocks and rails to secure the part from moving once loaded.

Briefcase Go-kart  This was an assignment for one of my design classes.  I created a go-kart concept that can be easily folded for carrying and storage.  The CAD modeling was done in SolidWorks.  I then translated the files into 3ds Max for rendering.

Electric Scooter  This was done as a final project for another one of my design classes.  For this assignment we had to design something that incorporated an electric motor and a belt drive.  I chose to design an electric scooter using Autodesk Inventor. 

Stress and Displacement FEA  Using ALGOR for this assignment, I did FEA tests on a part modeled in SolidWorks.  The bottom of the part was fixed and surface force was was applied to the top of the part.  I then altered the part twice to reduce stress and displacement.

Playground  This project was done in my advanced AutoCAD class.  The assignment was to design and model a playground using AutoCAD and then render it from different angles to show its features.

Staircase  This is another AutoCAD project.  For this assignment we were given dimensions for a multi-level room.  We then had to model the room and then design a staircase to connect the upper and lower levels.  I went an extra step by adding some furniture and lighting features.

Solid 6  For this assignment we had to create 6 solid models in AutoCAD and then render them with textures and lighting.  After rendering each model, we put borders and titles on the images using PhotoShop.

Rapid Prototype  For this project, we had to model a part in Autodesk Inventor and then use a rapid prototyping machine to print a tangible 3-d model.  I chose to create a connecting rod.

Drawings  A small collection of drawing assignments done in Inventor.

Technical Manual  For this assignment we had to create a technical manual outlining the steps required to change the batteries in a remote.  Using PhotoShop and AutoCAD, I created mine to look like it was a page out of a DVD player owners manual.

Still Life  This project was done in a 3-D polygonal modeling art class I chose to take as an elective.  The assignment was to research a painter and then emulate their style using Maya Unlimited.  I chose to research and emulate the style of still life painter William Bailey and modeled objects from my college bathroom.

BioMachine  This is another art project I did in Maya.  The assignment was to create a organic machine.  We then had to create a render of it in its environment as well as an engineering drawing to show it's parts.

Design Critique  For this project we had to find and critique five media forms (magazine ad, brochure, technical manual, website, and business card).  We then had to compile our critiques in a creative, professional looking document.

Photography  Photography is one of my personal hobbies and creative outlets.  This is a collection of some of my favorite shots I've taken.